“I am a member of the Intel group that went rafting with your company on the South Fork of the American River. It was a great experience for our whole group, and I am sure that everyone enjoyed the experience. Your planning, logistics, and guides were all awesome and everything worked out well. My guide was Neil and he rocked. He kept us entertained, was very polite and had a positive, great attitude the entire time, and was very encouraging. Thank you for your great work!” – Muamera, Intel Corp.

American River RaftingThe Best Whitewater Rafting Tours in the Sierra Nevada

On an early morning in 1978, Don Hill was just a skinny kid embarking on his first trip down the American River. The shuttle had been run, and the raft was rigged and ready. Following launch, he was immediately captivated by the rush of roaring rapids, the sense of adventure, and the camaraderie he experienced along the way. Hill soon realized he wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible, and in 1979, he started his whitewater rafting company, American River Recreation. The outfitter has been a leader in California white water rafting trips in Sierra Nevada, ever since.

American River Recreation is a premier provider of world-class whitewater rafting trips. Our river expeditions include trips on the Middle Fork, South Fork, North Fork, Kaweah, Merced and American rivers, and range in length and skill level. We offer something for everybody, including family-friendly river floats to challenging, exciting Class IV rapids!

At American River Recreation, you can always count on the know-how of our wonderful rafting guides, state-of-the-art equipment and river expertise, to help you and your group have the safest, most memorable white water rafting experience.

Best of all, you’ll be rafting through the California Sierra Nevada — one of nature’s finest masterpieces. Its numerous rivers and breathtaking scenery provide a supreme location for whitewater rafting. In spring, when the foothills are carpeted with a rainbow of wildflowers, the snow pack begins to melt, providing excellent water flows all summer long.

Whether it’s the challenge and thrill of whitewater rafting, the peace of a riverside campfire, or the memories you want to forge with family and friends, American River Recreation will ensure your trip is one to remember.

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American River Recreation operates under permits from the County of El Dorado, California State Parks and Recreation, Bureau of Land Management, and Klamath National Forest. We are also members of California Outdoors, Friends of the River, and Planning & Conservation League. American River Recreation, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer, providing employment and services on a non-discriminatory basis.

Photos courtesy of Sierra Shutterbug and Rapid Shooters River Photography.