American River Whitewater Rafting Trips for Religious and Church Groups

A whitewater rafting trip with American River Recreation is a great way to spend time with friends doing during a church retreat. We offer rafting on the South Fork, Middle Fork, and North Fork of the American River, along with whitewater river rafting trips on the Kaweah River and Merced River.

Since 1979, American River Recreation has been taking church and religious groups on fun and exciting rafting trips. We are aware that some religious groups have requirements about the gender of guides, clothing, dietary restrictions, and we are happily able to accommodate those specific needs. We also work with a local company that will photograph you and your group rafting and make those pictures available to you.

Planning a whitewater rafting trip to celebrate your religious or church group with friends couldn’t be easier than how we have it set up. All you need to do is call us and let us know the number of people and if you’re looking for a relaxed float or an exciting adrenaline-filled day of rafting. We take care of everything else! We plan the meals, shuttle, and rafting equipment and will do our best to accommodate any special requests.

How to Pick the Right River for Your Religious or Church Group Rafting Trip

There are several things to consider when choosing the river for your religious or church group whitewater river rafting trip. In general, it is advisable to plan the trip around your weakest member, whether they are a non-swimmer, overweight, a senior citizen, or disabled. But don’t worry, this is not a problem!

At American River Recreation we believe in two things, fun and safety. For the majority of whitewater rafting religious or church group trips we recommend the South Fork of the American River, or the slightly more challenging Middle Fork of the American River. We safely take non-swimmers and others down the Class III rapids of the South Fork of the American River every day and they love it! And if everyone in your group can swim and you are looking for a bit more excitement, we can take you on the Class IV rapids on the Middle Fork of the American River.

These rivers have a mix of exciting whitewater rapids, while still allowing for plenty of time to relax, swim, and have fun. Some of our other rafting trips are geared more for the whitewater enthusiast, who has significant experience and is looking for a bit more excitement.

Picking the Right Rafting Trip for your Religious or Church Group

American River Recreation has a whitewater rafting season that generally runs from April to October. Certain rivers like the North Fork of the American River, Kaweah River, and the Merced River rely on the snow pack and are undammed so they are floated during the spring months. If your religious or church group is going to be held in the summer or early fall months we recommend the South Fork and Middle Fork of the American River.

American River Recreation also offers one day, two day, and three day rafting trips. If your guests are from out of town or have a limited amount of time we suggest a one day whitewater rafting trip for your religious or church group. However, if you get a group together for your religious or church group that is able to spend two or three days on the river, there is nothing better! We provide all the meals, lodging, shuttles, and take care of all the details. All you and your religious or church group need to do is show up on time and have fun!

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