Merced River


Plummet down a rugged canyon and more on the Merced River Rafting Tour

Perfect for intermediate paddlers who want the thrill of white water

Tumbling from the spectacular Yosemite Valley, the Merced River beckons the outdoor lover each spring, while its continuous rapids challenges even the veteran rafters who dare experience Yosemite white water rafting. Let nature refresh your soul with an explosion of redbud and poppies that color the rugged canyon. It’s no wonder Congress extended the Merced’s Wild & Scenic River protection to include the entire Merced River rafting run in 1990. Our starting point for Yosemite rafting is just minutes from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. The Merced is an excellent choice for Yosemite rafting, especially for those who like to combine their Merced River rafting adventure with a visit to the park. At peak snow melt, the Merced runs high and fast, making the Yosemite white water rafting trip a class IV run. Later in the season when the river drops a bit, it become a class III Yosemite white water rafting run, but still ideal for Merced River rafting. Wetsuits may be required.

VIDEO: Merced River Rafting, An Exhilarating Whitewater Experience

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