General Information

Thanks again for the fabulous time our group had at our Kick Off event in August. This being my first big event, it really made me look good. I can’t count how many thank you’s I received from everyone. Your guides were wonderful. They made even the timid feel comfortable with their professionalism and humor. I would definitely recommend American River Recreation to any administrative assistant who wants to make a great impression and memorable event for their co-workers. – Theresa J.

Our California Rafting Guides

Our California rafting guides are truly the pride of our outfit. Along with their expertise at boating, they will share their California rafting stories and their knowledge of Sacramento rafting in California with its colorful history going back to the Gold Rush days. They can also rustle up a delicious meal. All California rafting guides must have First-Aid and CPR certifications and each California rafting guide is fully trained on the rivers they run and must also demonstrate proficiency among their peers before a single California rafting passenger is assigned to them for river rafting in California. Many of our California rafting guides have completed advanced training in technical swift water rescue and emergency medical treatment and most have been with American River Recreation for many years. They keep returning because they are well compensated for their California rafting skills. They also appreciate our well maintained California rafting equipment, smooth logistics and a sense of pride that develops from being associated with an outfitter who has gained a reputation as one of the best companies for northern state and Sacramento rafting in California.

Our California Rafting Equipment

We use the highest quality inflatable river boats available for northern state and Sacramento rafting in California. These state-of-the-art self-bailing rafts with inflatable floors are made from a very durable rubber called hypalon and perfect for river rafting in California. They consist of multiple air chambers, making them unsinkable. All our California rafting boats are equipped with foot holds for your safety and comfort. Our life jackets are specially made for California rafting and are Coast Guard approved. We carry dry bags for your personal belongings, first-aid kits, boat repair kits, and an assortment of safety gear. We are always well prepared for northern state and Sacramento rafting in California.

Paddle vs. Oar Boat when California Rafting

Most all of our California rafting trips are in paddle boats where the California rafting guide sits in the rear of the raft and steers, and everyone helps out by paddling. These California rafting trips are generally more exciting. On an oar boat, the California rafting guide does all the work while the passengers sit and hold on. For more information about this choice for Northern California and Sacramento rafting, see our River Classifications information.

Our Food – California Rafting & Sacramento Rafting

Meals are included on all our California rafting trips (with the exception of our half day trips). Our food is delicious and plentiful. A typical lunch includes a deli- style buffet with a selection of meats and cheeses and all the trimmings. Chips or vegetables and dip, lots of fresh fruit, potato or pasta salad, home baked cookies, ice tea and ice cold fruit punch are also served. At the end of our day of river rafting in California, you’ll find a cooler full of ice cold refreshments. At dinner time, your California rafting guides become chefs. We start out with delicious appetizers, followed by a country style barbecue with steak and chicken, tossed green salad, baked potato, corn on the cob, French bread, and a homemade dessert baked in our Dutch ovens. Soft drinks, beer and wine from local vineyards are also served with dinner. Our breakfast consists of omelets, bacon, sausage, potatoes and blueberry muffins baked in our Dutch ovens and, of course, hot coffee, tea, milk and orange juice.

Who Can Go California Rafting & Sacramento Rafting

Anyone 4 to 75 can go river rafting in California on our class II and III river trips. The South Fork American is our most popular for Sacramento rafting in California; it’s great for the first-timers as well as California rafting veterans. Even non-swimmers are welcome to go Sacramento rafting in California on our class II and III river trips. All our California rafting trips start out with a safety lecture and a practice session. Then the fun begins!

When To Go California Rafting & Sacramento Rafting

Our California rafting season starts April 1st and runs into October. Those who want a little extra California rafting excitement should go river rafting in California around April or May during the peak snow melt runoff. Around late May, the weather starts to get hot and the river stays at a consistent level for the rest of the summer, which is still perfect for Sacramento rafting in California. Weekdays cost less for river rafting in California and are better for solitude.

Wet Suit Rentals – California Rafting & Sacramento Rafting

Many of our spring California rafting trips require wet suits. These can be rented through our office or from your local dive shop. We also have tents available for rent before you go river rafting in California.

Responsibility for California Rafting & Sacramento Rafting

After two and a half decades of northern state and Sacramento rafting in California, American River Recreation enjoys an excellent safety record. River rafting in California involve some risk. We recognize that accidents or illnesses can occur while river rafting in California. We assume no responsibility for injury, personal belongings, or for time or expense incurred. We require all California rafting trip participants to sign a liability release before northern state and Sacramento rafting in California. For more information, download and read our Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Agreement form. It is the responsibility of the person making the California rafting reservation to assure that all participants are aware of the conditions in this web site, in the brochure, and in the confirmation packet before river rafting in California. All participants are required to notify ARR in advance of their northern state or Sacramento rafting in California, of any existing medical condition and/or medications they are currently taking. Alcohol or drug use can make a rafting crew dangerously slow in their responses, and for this reason ARR reserves the right to cancel the trip for any participant who arrives to go river rafting in California under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are no refunds for cancellations made for this reason.

Non-performance on California Rafting Trips

California rafting trip cancellations are very rare. However, we reserve the right to cancel any northern state or Sacramento rafting trip due to weather, unusual water levels, insufficient reservations or other factors beyond our control. If a cancellation does occur, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid to American River Recreation for river rafting in California. This refund does not cover any other expense incurred by the California rafting trip participants.

Gratuities when River Rafting in California

We are often asked if it is appropriate to tip the northern state and Sacramento rafting guides. Although our California rafting guides are well compensated for their services, if you feel that your northern state or Sacramento rafting guide did an outstanding job with river rafting in California, a tip is a great way of showing your appreciation.

Team Building while California Rafting

Your organization may be interested in scheduling a northern state or Sacramento rafting trip for your employees. River rafting in California offers a great sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Employee participation in group recreational events such as river rafting in California stimulates and builds teamwork, a quality which can be taken back to the workplace with incredible results! We at American River Recreation have always enjoyed introducing people to the wonders of the great outdoors and the simple skills involved in learning to work as a team to maneuver a boat down the river. Hands-on participation while working together for a common goal such as river rafting in California breaks through barriers and offers a sense of accomplishment.

California Rafting with Family & Friends

It’s people that make northern state and Sacramento rafting in California so special. Days on the river are a time to share with friends, family, scout troops, church groups, and youth groups. We try to make this kind of California rafting trip more accessible and affordable to our clients. Group California rafting trips and youths enjoy generous discounts for river rafting in California, and special California rafting trips are offered for families. We also have put together some group organizer kits to help make planning for northern state and Sacramento rafting in California easier.

American River Recreation can arrange round trip chartered bus service from the Bay Area and Southern California for your group of 30 or more. These deluxe coaches are equipped with reclining seats, TV & VCR, restrooms and air conditioning. Call our office for details on group trips for river rafting in California.

Need More Information on California Rafting & Sacramento Rafting?

Please contact us by phone or use our handy Brochure Request Online. If you are ready to reserve a northern state or Sacramento rafting trip, you can use our online reservation form.