Whitewater River Rafting Trips Near San Diego, CaliforniaBeing the eighth largest city in the United States, and the second largest in California, San Diego has an incredible variety of recreational activities for its residents and visitors. There are zoos, parks, beaches, museums, nightlife and attractions to keep you and your family busy for quite some time. While there are water sports at the beach and water parks, San Diego doesn’t afford its residents and guests the opportunity for whitewater rafting.

American River Recreation in offers fun-filled whitewater rafting trips for people and families of all skill levels. If you are an experienced whitewater rafter or a novice, American River Recreation has the perfect trip for you. Come to the Sierra Nevada for a day of whitewater rafting, and stay to experience the Gold Country.


Take a Day Away from San Diego for a Whitewater Rafting with American River Recreation

Whether you are in the Coronado, Downtown, South Bay or Point Loma district of San Diego, chances are you deal with crowds and traffic on a daily basis. Grab your family and take a trip to the Sierra Nevada for a whitewater river rafting adventure this spring or summer. American River Recreation has been providing the most fun filled whitewater rafting trips since 1979. We have Class II and Class III trips for novice rafters, and Class IV rafting trips for our more adventurous and experienced rafters. Bring your family, friends or coworkers and enjoy the exciting rivers and beautiful scenery of the Gold Country mountains and rivers.

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