Our ARR Family – Edison Xavier Poveda Rodriguez

This is the second post in our “Get to Know The ARR Family” series.   Each year we are blessed with an amazing team; everyone dedicated to making your trip the most memorable ever.  Each of our staff brings a wealth of experience and comes from all over the world to our little town of Coloma, California.   They’ve boated on the most challenging rivers in the US to Central and South America, Africa, Australia and everywhere in between and for the six or so months of the year that we call rafting season, these men & women call Northern California and American River Recreation their home.

ChamyMeet Edison Xavier Poveda Rodriguez, otherwise known to ARR as ‘Chamy’.

Chamy is our Ecuador native and rafter of over 16 years.  Prior to his arrival in the US, he guided not only in Ecuador but also in Venezuela, Columbia and Peru.  He came to ARR with an impressive collection of experience, rafting a variety of difficult yet beautiful rivers that include: the Pastaza in the Ecuador Jungle, the Jatun Yaku River also in Ecuador, the Rio Blanco and Colca Canyon in Peru.  Out of the water, Chamy guided combo trips that include canyoning in Ecuador’s El Kilo Canyon, as well as hiking and rock climbing adventures.

In talking with Chamy about the major differences in rafting South America and rafting here, he said one of the best things about the rivers here is the water quality and the fact you can swim in it. Rafting the jungle is a different story all together.  Here, most wildlife is seen outside of the boat.  In the jungle, it’s not uncommon to pass under trees where several species of snakes reside or even bandit monkeys who may swoop in on your raft to swipe the latest and greatest cameras, clothing or anything else that might appeal to them!

Canyoning in el Kilo Canyon, Ecuador

Canyoning in el Kilo Canyon, Ecuador

When asked what he liked best about working with American River Recreation, Chamy replied as most staff and guests do; it’s the family environment.  “The guests are always excited about the trips, we have a lot of fun and really good communication with the owners.  Being boaters themselves, Don and Regina know rafting, they understand the guides and really know how to put quality first.  The guides at ARR are great, they all respect and watch out for each other rather than being competitive”.

South Fork American

Rafting the South Fork

Over the past two seasons Chamy has guided trips on the Middle Fork American almost daily and is his favorite river in the area.  “The rapids are big and fast, but there are also breaks to take in the scenery and view the history of the area”.  Chamy’s best memories are the many friendships made over the last couple of seasons and meeting so many people in the rafting community right here in Coloma.

Middle Fork American Tunnel Chute

Middle Fork American Tunnel Chute

As for the off season, Chamy is currently attending Sierra College.  But ever passionate about boating; you will find him in the water whenever possible.  Right now his favorite non-commercial spot is the big rapids and fast water in the upper section of the North Fork American.  With not a lot of access to snow in the past, he’s recently taken up skiing as well, another reason why he loves this area.

This will be Chamy’s third season with us at ARR.  We are looking forward to another great year and having him back on the Middle Fork!

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