Planning a Large Group Whitewater Rafting Trip the Right Way

Group Whitewater Rafting Trip

Whitewater rafting is an excellent way to entertain a large group. It’s an ideal activity for the entire family, even the children and elderly. Professional rafting guides offer various difficulty levels that can be paired to the experience and skill level of your party. Here are a couple of tips to help ensure your next group rafting trip is a success.

Plan in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your trip. You just might find that there aren’t any open spots for your large group. Try to have everything booked and planned months in advance, so there are no unwanted surprises.

Appoint a Group Leader

With a large group of people coming along, it definitely helps to have a leader that everyone will listen to. The role of the leader is to ensure that everyone pays attention to and follows the rules. This also will eliminate disagreements and several people trying to make decisions. The right leader can help everyone have a great time while staying safe.

Look for Group Discounts

Call ahead and ask about special discounts that may be available for large groups. It never hurts to ask about seasonal or other deals that could potentially save you big money.

Keep Open Communication

Find a way to keep all group members on the same page. If there are social media sites that everyone uses, that’s a great way to stay in the loop. Use these as mediums to update the group about the trip, lodging, etc.

Establish Deadlines

To prevent changes at the last minute, you can have deadlines established. Give them a date to confirm whether or not they’re going on the trip, and what form of transportation and lodging they will be using.

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  • wet n wild

    It’s very true! Even if there are no group discounts advertised on some company websites, just call and find out! They’re almost always happy to accommodate. And if you have enough people, you might end up having your whole raft/boat to yourselves! Good times ahead 🙂

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