Springtime Rivers

Springtime Rafting – Preparing for Your Whitewater Trip

ARR’s spring runs such as the North Fork American, The Kaweah and The Merced rivers offer maximum thrill and excitement and as with all of our trips, memories that will last forever.

Ensuring the best quality trips for our guests is our primary goal.  Attention is given to every detail of planning your adventure.  We are proud to offer expert guides, friendly staff, delicious food and an overall awesome experience. We make sure everything runs like clockwork; that your adventure starts and remains on schedule and on task.

When deciding to raft a Spring Run there are a few points to consider:

  • Spring runs are just that, depending on the snowpack for the season, they can run from March to early Summer.  Make your reservations early as trips are limited and sell out quickly.
  • Evaluate your experience level.  If you have prior rafting experience the North Fork is an excellent next step.  If you have not been whitewater rafting, we recommend starting off with either the South or Middle Fork American.
  • These runs are not dam controlled, they are snow melt rivers and therefore the water is very cold.  Water temperatures can be in the neighborhood of 40 degrees regardless of the temperature outside. Be sure to follow recommendations for attire.
  • Follow us and not your GPS.  Most of our meeting points are in remote areas where technology hasn’t really reached yet.  Following our directions will get you to the meeting point on time, following your GPS may send you somewhere else, lost on private property ….yikes!
  • Be sure to bring some basics: Cotton gets wet and stays wet, wool is the best material for keeping you warm.  Wool sweaters, hats and socks are recommended.  Also a change of clothes to leave in your car is helpful for your drive home!

Whatever your trip, our goal is the same.  We want our guests to have the ultimate rafting adventure, whether it’s your first time out or your 50th!  Give us a call to help pick the best adventure for you or you can check out our website for more details, including all of our trip options, pictures, videos and links to our social profiles!

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